Tuesday, January 29, 2013

We're Free!  But we don't know where to go!  
There is so much snow in the lamb feeder pen that they are now able to jump over their pen and get out. When we built the pen, the panels where 32 inches high which is enough to keep a lamb in.  With all the snow the sides are about 18 inches and are no challenge to a  limber lamb.  I guess I'm doing some more fencing.  They are so funny though, they run and buck while experiencing their freedom.  After going so far from their pen, they turn around and go home.  Not very adventurous.


  1. They are so dumb aren't they! The goats are the same way! Looks like Jazz in the background saying "Mom, what would you like me to do about this problem?"

    1. I know, eh? Run around until you hit the line, stop, and run back. So silly. And yes, Slinky is beside herself...they are Not supposed to be here. It's funny, in half my pictures you see a little black and white head in the background. lol

  2. I know Border collies are so retarded that way. Mine understand the phrase "Get outta my picture!"