Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Good Bye Moose Mountain 723 Air Cadets

Last night was Rebecca's (a.k.a. Warrant Officer Second Class Miller) last night as a cadet.  She finished off her cadet career with their Christmas Parade.  The first years have come a long way with their marching and the seniors were very impressive with Sgt Stevenson as the drill team commander.  Rebecca is joining the Navy Reserves with her enrollment on January 10 in Regina.


  1. hi! i have a question about your yard and lost the tag with your email address... i got a skein of 120g of wool, would you know how many yards of wool it contains? thank you!

  2. Hi Amy,

    The yarn is 225 meters per skein. Thank you


  3. thank you for responding pam :)
    this is what i made with my skein

    do you sell your wool online at all?

  4. WO2 Miller in this picture is wearing her 4 year service medal on the wrong side. It should have been on her right (under her name tag) this is because real military medal go on the left which a cadet service medal is not.