Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I love looking at seed catalogues. My plants and garden never look like the pictures, but it's nice to dream that one day I'll have a spectacular garden, instead of 3 acres of weed infestation.  Anyone want a job this year weeding?  Let me know, I'm serious.

I've spent hours pouring over different catalogues getting my seed orders ready. I'm always looking for different varieties that do better in our short season.  Last year I tried kidney beans and chick peas for the first time.  The kidney beans were great, they cook up big and fat and taste nothing like the store bought ones.  The chick peas didn't do well at all.  Not sure if I'll try again or not.  I've had good luck with cantaloupe so this year I want to try watermelon.  See how that one goes.  So what are you all growing this year that's new for you?  

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