Thursday, January 24, 2013

I'm now paying the price for not getting my buck pen built last summer.  No new pen for Bailey meant that he had to stay with the does all summer and fall.  That meant that he could breed them whenever he wanted to, not when I wanted him to.  So, now I have baby goats in the cold freeze of January.  The babies all have hot houses with heat lamps running round the clock.  They stay under the heat most of the time, but come out to run around and eat.  When they get chilled, its back to the lights.  My power bill is going to be huge, but there's no alternative.  It also means that I'm back milking goats when it's -25 outside.  That also doesn't make me happy.  Guess what is top of my to-do list this spring!


  1. Gosh am I ever glad we didn't put our bucks in any earlier then we did! I think it is going to be tough enough end of Feb!!! The kids look happy healthy!!!

  2. Yup, kids are doing great. Hard to believe how tough they are once they're strong. I blocked off corner in goat house to put up the heat lamp. They look so cute hiding in their corner. They run out, eat, jump and buck a little and back in again. Hopefully the weather straightens out so we can have a good kidding and lambing.