Wednesday, January 15, 2014

So, when your husband mentions briefly while running out the door to work " the tractor probably needs fuel" , put fuel in immediately. Don't  assume you can do chores then fill it before parking back in the heated shop! And in all honesty, there's no fuel gauge, so you have to climb up on tractor and put a stick into the tank to check levels. So, due to my laziness, I ran out of fuel. That's not something you really want to do with a Diesel engine, especially when your husband (mechanic) is on the road. Thankfully our neighbour and friend came to my rescue. After 3 hours of bleeding lines, priming, dealing with dead batteries and ice in the fuel, and some ether, they got the old girl going again. I'm so grateful for good friends. Thanks Art and Bert!

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  1. Hi I saw you guys on Farmers Table website and noticed one of the pictures had a black cow with a white belt around her middle. Do you have any dutch belted cows on your farm? We live northwest of Meadow lake and have 3 dutch belted milk cows. I haven't seen many around and I'm kind of interested in getting some dutch belted AI straws or a cheap bull:) you know, when you are hoping your best milk cow will have a heifer calf and each year she faithfully produces a bull calf:) Would you know anyone who has a bull? We have a purebred Jersey bull calf that I can't use also if you know anyone who is looking. Let me know if you have any dutch belted connections. Thanks Amy Kirby my email is