Monday, June 18, 2012

Mom and I got home last week from our trip to Israel and Finland.  We spent 10 days in Israel and then went over to Finland to visit family for 10 days.  It was great to meet many of Mom's cousins.  We had a wonderful time getting to see the countryside, visiting and hearing stories from the past.  I'm hoping many of the family will come to Canada for a visit so that we may return the hospitality.

I was very anxious to return home though, as it's difficult to be away from the farm and gardens in the spring.  My garden and greenhouse were overgrown, I'm going to have to spend a serious amount of time out there getting everything under control ( think lots of weeds!).  All the spring babies came before I left in May except for the cattle.  The few cows that we have calved while I was gone.  Even the milk cow - #19 - calved with a nice heifer calf.

The old girl is turning a little gray on the face but otherwise she's in good shape.  Can't wait for strawberries and cream, fresh milk, butter and ice cream.  This year I am going to try making cheese.  I have been milking cows since 1990 but never attempted cheese - so this is the year! 

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