Thursday, June 21, 2012

It was announced that this spring was the 3rd wettest spring ever.  I thought last spring was bad but this year is worse.  We did get our oats seeded though, which was an improvement from last year.  We have had rain everyday for the last three weeks.  It's very depressing to get up every morning and see rain clouds.  Portions of my garden are under water.  I guess I'll have to write off everything that was seeded on the east side.

I've been busy mudding in tomatoes.  It's slow going and it's too wet to even weed.  On the bright side, the peas are loving this cool wet weather.  They are thriving and I expect flowers soon! 

It was a sunny morning when I went out, hardly any clouds in the sky.  Not sure what that large yellow orb is up in the sky.  It did cloud over later in the day and we got more rain and hail!  Who said market gardening was easy.

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