Monday, April 9, 2012

Last week the chicks started hatching.  I could not get the temperature regulated.  Before I put the eggs in I had run the incubator for a few days and had the temperature steady.  But after putting the eggs in, the temperature went all wonky.  There were a few days when the temperature was 7 degrees too high and I was sure  I had cooked them.  Didn't have much hope for any to hatch because of the wide fluctuations.  Then on day 19 of 21 when checking the eggs I found the incubator stone cold.  Somehow it had gotten unplugged and must have been like that for most of the day.  With a heavy heart I plugged it in, and being the eternal optimist, hoped for the best.  Day 21 came and went with nothing.  On day 22 there was a faint peeping coming from the eggs, and over the next 4 days I was able to get 13 chicks.  It was a very poor hatch but was able to get a few out of it.  The incubator is now running properly with more eggs in it so hopefully next hatch will be better.

Very curious chick... wondering about my phone being in his hot box.  I'm keeping them in the basement for a bit, it's still too cold outside. 
  So, we'll try again. Would love to increase my hen flock by at least another 100 hens.  I'm sure my egg customers would appreciate that.  I am always sold out at the farmers market early in the morning.

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