Sunday, April 15, 2012

I've been working on the goat pen whenever I have a spare few minutes over the last few months.  Yesterday Lyle and Zac donated their afternoon and we got it done.  And thanks to Brittany who brought us home nails from the co-op when we ran out! I was told once " if it will hold water, it will hold a goat".  I know these girls can scale a 4-5 foot fence - they are extremely acrobatic.  So, this was our fix to the problem.. 2x6 horizontally then 8 ft windboards all around the pen.  I want to see the Houdinis get out of this!

We got an old wooden granary for them to use as a house.  I can also milk in there which means I don't have to haul them over to the milking house.  It needs a new roof, insulation and paint but I think they'll be happy with it next winter.

The pigs are checking out the new digs.

Last day of freedom.

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