Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Captured at Last

From the beginning of time, my goats have roamed the yard like a bunch of hooligans.  They refused to go out and scrounge their own food in the pasture, but instead preferred to intimidate all the other barnyard animals and eat their food.  It has been a constant game of trying to lock them up and hold them for a few minutes so that everyone could eat in peace.  They have gotten into the chicken coop and eaten the grain,  they have scaled the 4 foot pig fence and eaten the pigs grain.  They have jumped on the cows hay and peed on it.  They attack you when you walk across the yard with a pail in your hands. 

At last, their yard pen is done.  They are locked up tight.  Haven't gotten out in days.  It's been a peaceful yard.  Everyone else is happy, including me.  The goats will stay here until I take them out to pasture.

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