Friday, November 2, 2012

My New Babies

I've been wanting a team of horses for awhile.  I love horses and at one time, I rode a lot. When we were doing custom cattle ( calving other peoples cows) I was out everyday on horseback checking cows. But after a riding accident my balance isn't very good and I don't feel comfortable on top of a horse.  So now, I want to have a team of two heavy horses.  They would be useful to me; working in the garden, raking hay, feeding round bales, cleaning out the barn, and best of all, going in parades. 

Lyle hauls horses and when a herd of horses was being shipped, these two little babies were too small to be shipped.  The owner was going to put them down because they will not survive the winter without special care.  I just couldn't let that happen, so Lyle brought them home for me.  They were born this summer and have been running out on grass with their mothers  until last week.  The black filly had injured her leg, so I don't know if she'll ever be able to pull.  The blonde colt looks good, I will probably need to find a team mate for him.  They are finally eating and drinking and seem to be settling in,  Yesterday they finally came up to me so I could scratch their backs.  They have been very scared but I've got them in with Ben ( Hannah's new 2 year old who was also rescued from the meat truck) and he is so quiet that he keeps them calm.

This little filly looks really rough, but she's coming along.  I wasn't sure she was going to make it, but everyday sees her a little stronger.

This little stud colt is very sweet. He's much stronger and has settled in good.

Ben is Hannah's horse.  He's 2 and she will start training him this winter.  He is very quiet and level headed.  She shouldn't have much trouble starting him. When he came a month ago  he was so thin, but he's starting to put some weight on and looks so much better.

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