Thursday, November 1, 2012

Another Fall Run

Well, another fall run is underway at the Whitewood Livestock Auction.  Once again we are putting in long hours sorting cattle.  This is my 11th fall run here (also worked 3 years at Calgary Stockyards), and I am sure feeling my age.  We worked Sunday afternoon, Monday til 2 am and loaded out trucks until Tuesday at 11 pm.  As usual, Wednesday morning I could barely crawl out of bed, and we start all over again on Sunday for next weeks sale. I'm not sure why I do this job, getting kicked and run over by wild cattle! Add to that working when it's as cold as -30 some days. There are so many other jobs that pay so much better and you don't end up sore and bruised.  A couple of years ago I attached one of those pedometers and figured out I walked 17 miles in one day.  Some days I need to shake my head.  But at least we have fun doing it and I like the crew we work with.  Hannah is now also working at the barn.  She's on the penning side, and brings her horses to work.  She just loves having a job where she can take her horses with her.

As you can see, she also has a little fun too!

Sorting calves with the crew on a cold, foggy,  rainy October morning.

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