Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Once a Mom .......

Once a Mom, always a Mom.  Spice, our Australian Shepherd is now retired.  In her youth she was an awesome stockdog.  In our busiest years, when we were calving out 800 cows and heifers, she was my best right hand man.  She worked tirelessly moving cows, guarding gates and doing my every bidding.  Now that we have sheep and goats, she doesn't get as much work.  Which is good, because she is eleven, and her old body is worn out.  She still comes out to do chores everyday and keeps everyone in line at the barn.  However, she is softening in her old age.  She never liked the cats around her, and still chases them away from the dog food dishes.  Yesterday morning I caught her enjoying some early morning sun in the barn doorway, cuddling a barn kitten.  She was letting it crawl over her and play with her just like she used to let her puppies do to her.

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