Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rain. Again.

I spent the past weekend doing the concession at a jackpot barrel racing competition.  It was held at the Twin valley rodeo grounds outside Esterhazy.  The weather was good although the grounds were very wet. The riding club has been upgrading the facilities there and they now have a nice usable concession stand.  The event was in memory of Shannon Robinson who passed away recently from ovarian cancer.  The proceeds went to ovarian cancer research.

It rained again Sunday night and most of Monday.  We had a severe thunder storm about midnight and the power went out.  They didn't get it back on until about noon Monday.  Sunday night I transplanted 98 sage plants to the garden.  This is what they looked like after another inch of rain. The poor things are flat and drowned in puddles of water that will not soak in.

I took this picture last week of the guard dogs.  It looked so funny and reminded me of that cartoon with the sheep dogs Ralph and Sam.  Scully is watching west and Bandit is watching north.

This is NOT too funny when three dogs show up in the morning looking like this.

And finally, a word of advice. NEVER, never, ever accidentally lock your billy goat buckling in your vehicle overnight.  You can guess what my suburban looked like yesterday morning. I will not be posting any pictures.   Grrr

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