Monday, December 3, 2012

Well. winter has settled in on us.  Already we have had more snow that we did all last winter.  We have been so busy this fall that not all the winter prep jobs got done.  I'm trying to get caught up, but I think winter will come and go before I do.

All the round straw bales are still out in the field so I have to drive out with the tractor and pick one up when I need it.  Fortunately, it wasn't too cold today - our John Deere tractor has no cab.

The cows and sheep are running together this winter, sharing a pen with a large 3-sided shed.  It gets bedded with straw whenever they need it for sleeping on.  That is, of course, if they don't eat it all.  The animals will leave their hay bale and come and eat the oat straw.  For some reason they think it's a treat.


  1. The goats are the same way... Hardly seems worth putting bedding down when they eat it all!

    We are like you, didn't get our winter prep done and now we're trying to do it under the snow.

    1. How are you and Bruce doing? Haven't seen you in forever. So busy here with Lyle on the road ALL the time. I've been working 3-4 days a week at barn, trying to farm and do craft shows. grr no time! Next year I'm going to slow down. Ya right!

  2. are you doing farmers market in Yorkton these days?? I know it has been forever. Just been crazy busy here like you are there.