Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hay Crop 2011

For the first time ever while farming in Saskatchewan - We put up hay that has neither been rained on nor raked!!!  It is picture perfect. The yield was good too, over 2 ton/acre.  There was a lot of hay field that didn't get cut because the ground is so wet.  We also had Tony come in with his round baler to give us a hand to get done before the rain came.  We ended up with 2600 square bales and 122 rounds. There were relatively few breakdowns as well, so it was a good harvest.

Hannah ran the square baler and got very efficient at changing shear pins and changing twine on her own.

She just needs to remember to look behind the baler more often.  This is what happens when you run out of twine.

                                               Lyle and Zac did the picking with the bale picker.

That's a lot of loads back to the yard!

The barn loft and quonset are full to the brim.

Tired haying crew.

This is good hay!  <happy man>

Poor picture - but you can see the hawk sitting on the round bale.  Even the hawks like haying time.  They can see the mice.

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